You may or may not like the series "13 Reasons Why", but you have to admit that it is somewhat exaggerated. That is, Hannah Baker (the protagonist) was saddened to be nominated for the best ass WTF !? We have to have more confidence girls, accept us as we are and if you have a good butt Be proud! Women with good self-esteem are valued by all. If you want to show off how proud you are of your ass, I recommend you wear one of the following outfits.

A pencil skirt with a loose blouse. This type of skirt favors any type of body, as it profiles the rear very well. In addition a loose blouse will give more prominence.

An outfit with denim skirt. The fitted denim is a very attractive garment. Not to mention that denim is a very flexible fabric in terms of clothes or movements.

A trouser with print, with a smooth top. The patterned garments serve to show the curvatures of the body. So take advantage of them from the waist down and remove them from the waist up.

An outfit with broken jeans from behind. Sure you've seen this type of fashion breaks. The truth is a very sexy garment, without teaching much or something wrong.

A tight jumper Do you locate Selena? Something like that I recommend you. In addition to her catchy songs, she left us the fitted jumpers as a legacy for our traseruki.

A fitness outfit. We all know that sportswear is fitted to see changes in the body and motivate us to live an active life But! With it you'll look like a butt of ten.

Some jeans at the hip with a crop top. These pants are made to give the illusion of an hourglass figure. If you want to increase your hips even more, this is the chosen one.

An ultra short denim shorts with bodysuit. Not everyone dares to wear this type of shorts on the street, but what difference does it make? If your city is open minded and you do not feel sorry (which should not) do it!

A fitted dress. By carving I do not mean that you embroider it like butter, but a dress that adapts to your curvatures. So he will be part of you and you of him ...

... As well as a fitted dress with a neckline on the back. For what? So that your back is who takes all the attention.

Obviously I could not miss the outfit with leggings. It does not matter if they are lycra, animal print, leather, and so on. Using them will give you and your ass a lot of security.
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